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Dividend Declaration of UPGDCL

This is for information of all concerned that the Board of Directors of the Company in its meeting held on Wednesday, 27 April, 2016 at 4:30 p.m., has taken the following price sensitive decisions:
1. That the company in order to follow the uniform income year as per provision of section 9 of the Finance Act 2015 have decided to extend the current Accounting period of United Power Generation and Distribution Company Limited (UPGDCL) by additional period of 6 (six) months corresponding to 18 (Eighteen) months ending 30 June, 2016;
2. That the company has obtained the consent and waiver from the regulatory authority to extend the current accounting period of UPGDCL to 30 June, 2016;
3. Accordingly the AGM of 2016 will be held after completing the 18 (eighteen) months i.e. after June 2016;
4. That the Board approved the Audited Interim Financial Report of UPGDCL for 12 (twelve) months i.e. Jan-2015 to Dec-2015. The Board also declared the Interim Cash Dividend @ 80% (BDT 8.00 per share of Tk. 10 each) out of the provisional net profit of the company upto 31 December, 2015. Accordingly the Board of Directors has Declared as follows:PSI-Yearly

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